Lights, sound, action all part of it.

"THE DOMINION" (04 Mar. 2002)
This strange combination and the outstanding performance result in a very special show that relentlessly reflects the spirit of the times, but at the same time shows that humans can hold out in it by remaining faithful to themselves.

by Ine Rietstap "NRC Handelsblad" (13 Jul. 2000)
"Circulation Module" feels like an updated version of the legendary enterprises performed at Black Mountain College. Lighting designers, Djs, video artists and a drummer are treated equally as performers like the six dancers.

by Peter M. Boenisch "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (21 Mar. 2000)
we should take pride in the fact that this company, which through these moments condensed tonight enables us to experience tomorrow more intensely, was born and took root in Tokyo.

by Shintaro Fujii "DICE" (No.28 1999)
This production, for which there exists no fixed plan and which offers no solution to the problem, seemed to expect from its audience, as one of the elements of the piece, a reception (participation) free from preoccupied ideas.

by Shinya Chiba "shift" (Apr. 1999)
After the end of performance, young audience talked together severally "interesting!" "great!" . Recently I rarely see the sight like this.

by Takashi Shinkawa (art critic) "Bijutsu-techo" (Mar. 1997)
Nest have an unique conception unlike other intermedia-performance group.

by Kazuko Kuniyoshi (dance critic)
"Weekly Asahi Graph" (Feb. 14, 1997)
The new work "UT" is overwhelming with the amount of information that is conveyed. The essence of the word "multimedia art," which, sounds rather stale today, however, lies in the work.

"Nikkei Newspaper" (Aug. 6, 1995)
Someday they will leave dance behind and continue to theorize media performance and deepen the body theory.

by Kazuko Kuniyoshi (dance critic)
"Theater Arts" (the first issue in 1994)
What they try to create is ..."sounds that breathe with the present."

by Akio Miyazawa (dramatist) "Hato yo!" (Dec. 1993)
Ishiyama is a choreographer of the younger generation, striving to change the current concept of dance.

by Roku Hasegawa (dance critic) "Theater Japan" (Apr. 1993)