performance "LinkAge" in Wellington
invited to "new zealand festival" (at SHED 6 / Wellington)

LinkAge energy truly a life force of our time.
"SUNDAY STAR TIMES" (03 Mar. 2002)

Lights, sound, action all part of it.
"THE DOMINION" (04 Mar. 2002)
Presented performance "zbb"
invited to festival "JADE 2002" (at WOMB / Tokyo)

It is based on "zero bug bounce" which is the final stage of computer software development.

There is no software with "zero bugs", but developers try to reach the point where there are no bugs. A strong will and desire could be called that. To start this project, creators brought back the pieces and they remixed and restructured them to finish this work.

This work took place at club WOMB in Shibuya, Tokyo, which is known for its high ceilings and rich sound system.
Presented installation "[coded:decoded]""
(at foo, Goethe Institute Tokyo, SPIRAL etc.)

The first nest's full-scale installation work.

The focus is 'interactivity'. Over 3,000 blue LED flickered by information of passenger's position etc which is got via move-sensor, touch-sensor and reach-sensor.

The version-up is still going on.