Workshop "Conversation Program"
(at Special Site / Lincoln-US)

Tha participants were not only dancers but disigner sand movie directors etc. They ware men and women of all ages.

There were many favorable opinions.
"Very unique composition."
"good impressed. Because this program is widely open to the public."
performance "Circulation Module" in Munich
invited to festival "dance 2000"
(at Muffathalle / Munich)

"Circulation Module" feels like an updated version of the legendary enterprises performed at Black Mountain College. Lighting designers, Djs, video artists and a drummer are treated equally as performers like the six dancers.
Peter M. Boenisch
----"Süddeutsche Zeitung" (21 Mar. 2000)
Presented performance "LinkAge"
- collaboration work with Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel
invited to "Julidans" festival
(at Paradiso / Amsterdam)

Created in Amsterdam.

This strange combination and the outstanding performance result in a very special show that relentlessly reflects the spirit of the times, but at the same time shows that humans can hold out in it by remaining faithful to themselves.
----"NRC Handelsblad" (13 Jul. 2000)

After premiere in Paradiso, had Europe tour and Tokyo premiere (at The Japan Foundation Forum / Akasaka) .
Invited to 'Cellbytes 2001'
(at Middlesex Univ. / London)

Many artists (choreographer, video artist, web designer etc.) was invited to this 'reserch' program. All participants worked together in three weeks.
performance "Circulation Module" in Helsinki
invited to festival"ARS01"
(at KIASMA theater / Helsinki)

(at KunstWerke / Berlin)

Lectured on possibilitis of 'live'performance with video showing and performers' real deomonstration.

The 'Lec/Dem' was suddenly fixed, but crowded with many curator and art diretor.